205 easy ways to go green

Happy Earth Day, All! Can you feel it? A shift is happening.

205 easy ways to go green

Words like "carbon footprint" are commonplace and many companies are trying to highlight sometimes even fabricate how eco-friendly they are so that consumers will view them more favorably. I have long considered myself an environmentalist, and the fact that eco-friendly options are more readily available and accepted by the masses excites me.

But one thing you may wonder, whether you've considered switching to plant-based cleaners, energy star appliances, organic cotton clothing, or a backyard composter made from recycled plastic is this: Why does "doing good" for the earth have to be so darn expensive?

Organic, natural, plant-based, recycled, biodegradable, and fair trade do—for the most part—cost more.

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And that higher expense, unfortunately, deters many consumers from changing their ways. I care about the planet, but I also live on a budget and want to save money. Luckily, monetary constraints haven't stopped me from incorporating green products and practices into my daily life.

If you're willing to spend a little time and think creatively, there are plenty of zero- and low-cost options to green your lifestyle, diet and home. In honor of 205 easy ways to go green Day tomorrow, I wanted to share some of the cheap ways you can go green to protect our planet.

Consumerism is extremely wasteful and hard on the environment. Think of all of the resources needed to make a single item you buy at a store, from the raw materials grown or created to the marketing, packaging, shipping, and selling of said product.

One of the greenest things you can do is choose to buy less stuff. Sure, that organic cotton T-shirt made with environmentally sensitive dyes is eco-friendly, but unless you truly NEED new a new shirt, the most eco-friendly option is not to buy one at all, no matter how environmentally responsible the item or the company that made it may be.

If you do need something, buying secondhand is always better than buying new, even if that new product is eco-friendly. Buying secondhand uses existing resources instead of tapping into new ones.

There are many things that you can buy gently used, and this option will typically always save you money as well. I'm a big fan of craigslist for finding furniture, tools, lawn equipment and other miscellaneous items. Garage sales, flea markets, antique malls, consignment shops great for clothing and accessories and thrift stores can be amazing resources for inexpensive and truly unique fashions, home accessories, furniture, toys and other odds and ends.

Next time you think you need something, ask yourself, "Does the item I need already exist? If you don't already have it, can't buy it used, or don't really need the item more than occasionally or for a one-time project, considering just borrowing or renting it.

How often do you really use a ladder, power washer or leaf blower?

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Sharing fosters community spirit and saves you and others money in addition to placing less demands on the planet.

Don't forget the library, a great place to borrow books, movies, and music.

Go Green in 5 Easy Ways to Reduce your Carbon Footprint – Peace Love Organic Mom But there are lots of simpler, lower-cost ways to improve your eco-scorecard, too.
Going green does not have to mean wind farms and solar panels. There are plenty of simple ways to make an impact on the earth in your own home.

Stop buying disposable goods. A few years ago, I stopped buying all disposable products. I haven't bought paper napkins or towels, disposable plates or plastic ware in more than five years and yes, I have survived and kept my house clean and even hosted my share of parties.


If you are regularly buying single-use disposable items, such as bottled water, disposable toilet scrubbers and the like, consider investing those same dollars into a more permanent solution to save money and decrease waste that goes to landfills.

Ladies, you can even green your period with washable feminine products. Cloth napkins, kitchen towels, and reusable water bottles are inexpensive, eco-friendly and they save you hundreds, perhaps thousands, of dollars in the long run.

Unplug and turn off.

205 easy ways to go green

When plugged into an outlet, many electronics are using power even when they're off. You could invest in an expensive "smart" power strip to prevent this, or for free, you can simply make it a habit to unplug your electronics whenever you aren't using them.

205 easy ways to go green

I keep my TV, cell phone chargers, computer and kitchen appliances unplugged when not in use. And this probably goes without saying, but if you're not using it, turn it off! Opt out of mailing lists and switch to paperless billing.

This will save you time, paper waste, and postage. Each time you buy something from a website or catalog, request that company not share your address with anyone else and say you do not want to be added to their mailing list.

When junk mail comes in, collect it. Once a week, spend a few minutes calling the company from which it came and ask to be removed from their mailing list. And don't forget about officially opting out of credit offers it's free and easy!Easy Ways to Go Green October 5, October 5, - [email protected] I have been on a kick lately to minimize my environmental impact and go green.

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Share on Twitter. By In honor of Earth Day tomorrow, I wanted to share some of the cheap ways you can go green to protect our planet.

REDUCE. Use what you have. Let's be honest. Consumerism is extremely wasteful and hard on the. Taking all five Rs into consideration — especially the rethinking part — here are 30 easy ways to go green in the office, and often save money in the process.

Office Supplies 1. Going green at home doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive. There are many ways to improve efficiency without spending a fortune.

Here are some quick and easy ways to increase energy.

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40 Ways to go Green. If you want to help your planet, do not think that there is nothing that can be done. Everyone plays an important part in keeping the environment clean and safe.

This means you can do so much and probably more than you think that you can. In . Plan your shopping in a way that consolidates your trips in order to consume less energy.

If you have multiple stores to go to, try to complete your rounds in one .

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