A discussion on the revenue for college athletes

According to a Statista survey more than 70 percent of survey respondents follow college basketball at least occasionally. Almost 31 million have attended a college sports event in The NCAA is a nonprofit organization responsible for organizing the athletic programs of the majority of universities and colleges in the United States and Canada.

A discussion on the revenue for college athletes

Calder Schecterson, Contributor April 22, Money, power, and control.

The NCAA’s plan

These elements fuel high-level college athletics. The association is a non-profit organization that takes in billions of dollars. With the growing amount of profits and new era of commercialism, the debate of paying college athletes has generated a large discussion in the past decade.

With all of this, there is still a question about giving both male and female athletes on the collegiate scale some sort of revenue for their effort. I believe that some form of compensation is needed. Inthe N. This is a good step in giving student athletes the tools they need to succeed both on and off the field.

Even though the measure is for unlimited food, the institution can determine the amount given based on the scholarship for the athlete. This could mean that a full-scholarship Division-I athlete can still have limited meals provided by the school.

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The way in which college athletics is run is a system where millions of eighteen-year-olds generate enormous sums of money for their institutions and in return are promised a free education. The free education is great and student-athletes deserve the chance to get a degree for what they put on the field, but they also cannot succeed without tools that fuel success.whether college athletes should be paid or compensated more fairly for the work they do resulting in the generation of billions of dollars in revenue for stakeholders in the college sport corporate complex.

With college football season underway and college basketball season quickly approaching, stories of coaches and athletics departments limiting or banning student-athletes’ social . The athletes may bring in revenue for the school because of their popularity, but schools often pay them through a scholarship and a free education.

If student start going to college to make money rather than learn the colleges may find financial struggles in the future. Namely, the fact that college athletes already are being paid. The father of former Auburn University quarterback Cam Newton allegedly solicited $, from a second school in exchange for his.

He’s a board member of the Former College Athletes Association, which is the mechanism in which licensing revenue would be collected for former athletes if O’Bannon prevails or settles.

Some athletes in some sports produce a great deal of revenue for their college or university, and it is appropriate to examine potential models that would allow those athletes to reap the benefits of the substantial value they create.

A discussion on the revenue for college athletes
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