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But what about the apps that help you improve your health? According to a recent studyparticipants who used fitness apps were much more active compared to nonusers and—get this—even had a lower body mass index. The study's authors believe apps help people overcome barriers like a lack of understanding or organization, which leads to better exercise habits.

Ascent read the best writing apps

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February 5, Do you struggle to maintain focus during your writing time? Procrastination and lack of focus were constant frenemies on my own journey to becoming a writer. For years, these ever-present saboteurs prevented me from completing both my fiction work and getting my freelance career started.

Facing your distractions is unavoidable: You have to admit you have a problem and take steps to do something about it, without getting sidetracked by the magpie shrieking at a squirrel outside.

Fear not, intrepid writer.

ascent read the best writing apps

Here are a few tools to help you get your head out of the clouds. Me is a multi-platform app that uses community encouragement and digital coaching to help you build new habits. It stands out from similar apps with its dedicated tracks for writers.

These specialized journeys not only hold you accountable to write every day; they also provide encouragement from other writers building a habit just like you.

Even writing one paragraph a day is enough to help kickstart a habit. As a chronic procrastinator, I cannot stop gushing about how brilliant it is.

The premise is simple: Instead of trying to complete your work in a long, overwhelming sprint, you break projects down into manageable, minute chunks called Pomodoros. The goal is to stay on one task for the entirety of each Pomodoro until the job is done.

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Every 25 minutes, take a five minute break to clear your head. Every two hours, take a minute break. There are countless Pomodoro timers available. On my laptop, I use Tomighty for its convenient taskbar functionality, and when working away from my own devices, I switch to Tomato Timerwhich is entirely web based.

Block distractions Writing often feels like creating something out of nothing. It can be easy to just click over to Facebook and never return.

For Android, FocusON is a true example of the nuclear option for blocking access to apps and websites. For Chrome, TimeWarp is a customizable option. It requires some discipline, but the option to divert to a different website or an inspirational quote might be all the motivation you need.

Get organized Trello has quickly become my favorite writing tool that most writers have never heard of. For a writer, the possibilities are endless. You can use a Trello board to make to do lists, prioritize submissions, even to track research.

My favorite use for Trello is as a scene organizer for fiction projects. Make a board to represent your novel, then make lists on that board to represent each chapter.

Finally, make cards for individual scenes or story events. Being organized can take a huge amount of stress off and allow you to focus on your content. Hack your brain Ambient sound has a powerful effect on creativity. Relax Melodies is a top-notch noise generation app. The clincher, however, is its excellent binaural beats and isochronic tones.

Listening to these auditory illusions hacks your brain into concentrating or relaxing. Interested in more productivity aids? Check out seven more productivity tools for writers.

What are your favorite focus-building tools?The 7 Best Writing Apps for Serious Content Creators In compiling this list, I tried to stick with writing apps that you may not already know. As much as I love Google Docs, it’s not exactly a secret in Ulysses is more advanced than the other writing tools in this list, but at its heart is a distraction-free writing app that focuses on your text—you also get some handy document organization and.

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The Top 10 Apps for Writers a few short descriptive sentences about a current project and quickly find out how many people push the "I'd like to read this" button.

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