Bloody chamber and the company of

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Bloody chamber and the company of

Bloody chamber and the company of

Captain Murderer England, Charles Dickens The first diabolical character that intruded himself on my peaceful youth as I called to mind that day at Dullboroughwas a certain Captain Murderer.

This wretch must have been an offshoot of the Blue Beard family, but I had no suspicion of the consanguinity in those times. His warning name would seem to have awakened no general prejudice against him, for he was admitted into the best society and possessed immense wealth. Captain Murderer's mission was matrimony, and the gratification of a cannibal appetite with tender brides.

On his marriage morning, he always caused both sides of the way to church to be planted with curious flowers; and when his bride said, "Dear Captain Murderer, I never saw flowers like these before: He made love in a coach and six, and married in a coach and twelve, and all his horses were milk-white horses with one red spot on the back which he caused to be hidden by the harness.

For, the spot would come there, though Bloody chamber and the company of horse was milk white when Captain Murderer bought him. And the spot was young bride's blood. To this terrific point I am indebted for my first personal experience of a shudder and cold beads on the forehead.

When Captain Murderer had made an end of feasting and revelry, and had dismissed the noble guests, and was alone with his wife on the day month after their marriage, it was his whimsical custom to produce a golden rolling-pin and a silver pieboard.

Now, there was this special feature in the Captain's courtships, that he always asked if the young lady could make pie-crust; and if she couldn't by nature or education, she was taught. When the bride saw Captain Murderer produce the golden rolling-pin and silver pieboard, she remembered this, and turned up her laced-silk sleeves to make a pie.

The Captain brought out a silver pie-dish of immense capacity, and the Captain brought out flour and butter and eggs and all things needful, except the inside of the pie; of materials for the staple of the pie itself, the Captain brought out none.

Then said the lovely bride, "Dear Captain Murderer, what pie is this to be? So she rolled out the crust, dropping large tears upon, it all the time because he was so cross, and when she had lined the dish with crust and had cut the crust all ready to fit the top, the Captain called out, "I see the meat in the glass!

Captain Murderer went on in this way, prospering exceedingly, until he came to choose a bride from two twin sisters, and at first didn't know which to choose. For, though one was fair and the other dark, they were both equally beautiful.

But the fair twin loved him, and the dark twin hated him, so he chose the fair one. The dark twin would have prevented the marriage if she could, but she couldn't; however, on the night before it, much suspecting Captain Murderer, she stole out and climbed his garden wall, and looked in at his window through a chink in the shutter, and saw him having his teeth filed sharp.

Next day she listened all day, and heard him make his joke about the house-lamb. And that day month, he had the paste rolled out, and cut the fair twin's head off, and chopped her in pieces, and peppered her, and salted her, and put her in the pie, and sent it to the baker's, and ate it all, and picked the bones.

Now, the dark twin had had her suspicions much increased by the filing of the Captain's teeth, and again by the house-lamb joke. Putting all things together when he gave out that her sister was dead, she divined the truth, and determined to be revenged.

So she went up to Captain Murderer's house, and knocked at the knocker and pulled at the bell, and when the Captain came to the door, said: On the night before it, the bride again climbed to his window, and again saw him having his teeth filed sharp.

At this sight, she laughed such a terrible laugh, at the chink in the shutter, that the Captain's blood curdled, and he said: Next day they went to church in the coach and twelve, and were married. And that day month, she rolled the pie-crust out, and Captain Murderer cut her head off, and chopped her in pieces, and peppered her, and salted her, and put her in the pie, and sent it to the baker's, and ate it all, and picked the bones.

But before she began to roll out the paste she had taken a deadly poison of a most awful character, distilled from toads' eyes and spiders' knees; and Captain Murderer had hardly picked her last bone, when he began to swell, and to turn blue, and to be all over spots, and to scream.

And he went on swelling and turning bluer and being more all over spots and screaming, until he reached from floor to ceiling and from wall to wall; and then, at one o'clock in the morning, he blew up with a loud explosion.

At the sound of it, all the milk-white horses in the stables broke their halters and went mad, and then they galloped over everybody in Captain Murderer's house beginning with the family blacksmith who had filed his teeth until the whole were dead, and then they galloped away. Hundreds of times did I hear this legend of Captain Murderer, in my early youth, and added hundreds of times was there a mental compulsion upon me in bed, to peep in at his window as the dark twin peeped, and to revisit his horrible house, and look at him in his blue and spotty and screaming stage, as he reached from floor to ceiling and from wall to wall.

The young woman who brought me acquainted with Captain Murderer, had a fiendish enjoyment of my terrors, and used to begin, I remember --as a sort of introductory overture -- by clawing the air with both hands, and uttering a long low hollow groan.

So acutely did I suffer from this ceremony in combination with this infernal Captain, that I sometimes used to plead I thought I was hardly strong enough and old enough to hear the story again just yet But she never spared me one word of it.

Charles Dickens, All the Year Round: A Weekly Journalno. This story, purportedly told to Dickens in his childhood by a nurse, was one of a number of tales and sketches incorporated into the collection The Uncommercial Traveller.

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"The Bloody Chamber," especially, ends thrillingly, with the women of the story rejecting the passive roles typically assigned to them in fairy tales (this one based on Blue Beard) and washing the story in a beautiful bath of blood, in the process reshaping and reconstituting their community/5().

Bloody chamber and the company of

The Bloody Chamber: Angela and the Wolf: On Angela Carter’s The Company of Wolves Posted by: Kat Ellinger in Slider, The Bloody Chamber September 22, 0 The Bloody Chamber is a regular column focusing on aspects of fantasy, folklore and fairy tale in Gothic cinema.

Introduction: The Hoosac Tunnel, a railroad tunnel beneath the Berkshire Mountains in Western Massachusetts, is said to be one of the most haunted places in New was an engineering marvel of its age, completed in , and nearly five miles in length. Yet, it would cost lives in various fires, explosions, and tunnel collapses, hence earning its name among the crew at the "Bloody.

The Bloody Chamber Questions and Answers. The Question and Answer section for The Bloody Chamber is a great resource to ask questions, find answers, and discuss the novel.

The stories of The Bloody Chamber take place in a vague, mythical past, but at the same time some are linked to concrete historical events of the 20th century and all have a “modern” tone. “The Lady of the House of Love” references World War I, and takes place in .

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