Case questions to consider for mcdonalds

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Case questions to consider for mcdonalds

At the end of the day, where would you — as a consulting candidate with specific skills, personality, and goals — fit in best? The happy candidate then faces the choice of McKinsey vs. In terms of size, breadth, and reach, McKinsey has always been the obvious market leader. So where do you belong?

In terms of advanced degrees, Bain is the least likely to hire someone outside of MBA programs. Interviews MBB interviews are intense, no doubt about it.

In contrast, McKinsey pressure tests to determine whether handling pressure is something you can do. In both cases, the same tactics are used but for a different purpose.

At BCG, interviewers are assessing your ability to respond on the fly. Global reach All 3 firms have offices around the world, with a home base in the United States. In terms of geographic reach, McKinsey is top dog with the largest pool of consultants and the most offices.

BCG comes in at a close second, with Bain a far 3rd. At Bain, international travel is much less frequent. BCG falls somewhere in the middle. At the end of the day, you will be on the road every week with all 3 firms.

The norm is 4 days a week at the client site and back to the office on Friday. Bain is also the smallest firm in terms of revenue. MBBs count Fortune 50 and Fortune companies among their clients although they prospect to the Fortune and privately traded firms like Private Equity and Hedge Funds as well.

Case questions to consider for mcdonalds

Since Bain came to their senses in the late s and joined rank with McKinsey and BCG, all firms now employ a 1-project staffing model. When it comes to private equity firms, however, Bain is the powerhouse of the trio.

McKinsey also has an edge on alum networking.

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The firm also does the best job of keeping its alumni connected through great resources, contact and job databases, and consistent membership activity. While a McKinsey alum would offer to spend 10 minutes on the phone with you to talk about your exit options at Google, a Bain alum would invite you to her office and introduce you to her staff.

McKinseyites are smart, business-like, and not very collegial. BCGers are creative, innovative, and in the upper ranks — thought leaders in their fields. Camaraderie, connectivity, and conviction characterize the culture at Bain, where the local office culture is strong and the focus is on teamwork.

In head to head recruiting, Bain often beats out BCG because of culture but loses to McKinsey based on prestige or brand-name. In contrast, a team from Bain will have 2 analysts and fewer people who are more senior. Signing bonuses, relocation reimbursement, retirement, profit sharing, and benefits e.

Case questions to consider for mcdonalds

McKinsey is usually the first to raise their compensation. They set the bar, then Bain and BCG follow suit one cycle later. Why is it McKinsey who consistently sets the bar on salary? McKinsey offers the best salaries to attract the best candidates.

McKinsey has more competing offers outside of consulting. Depth of experience McKinsey, not surprisingly, leads the pack on depth of experience. Dozens of best-sellers have been authored by McKinseyites and hundreds of firms have been led by McKinsey alum. A senior consultant at Bain might give away what would normally be the first month of work to a potential client — a tactic that often sways clients in their favor.

When you look a little deeper, however, you discover some pretty cool things that make each firm unique and attractive in its own way. Partner level before assigning a specialization.

What does this mean for you?McDonalds and KFC Case Instructions and Questions A good approach to analyzing cases is found in the “Analyzing Cases Appendix” on page Additionally, I have included a series of questions for your review.

McDonalds and KFC Case. February 21, February 21, admin. Questions to Consider. The most important general environmental factors to be considered for the industry and McDonalds include its demographic, sociocultural, global, and physical environment segmentations - Mcdonalds Case Analysis Essay introduction.

The demographic segment is important in terms of this industry because of the consumers that make up the fast-food. Pay growth for women stops at this age Pay growth for college-educated women suddenly stops at around the age of 40, according to new findings from compensation research firm PayScale.

Public Relations Overview Of McDonalds - McDonald's is the world's leading food service retailer with more than 30, restaurants in countries serving 46 million customers each day. Corporate Social Responsibility: A Case Study of Consumers’ Perception of McDonald’s behaviour.

This thesis will, additionally, strive to answer two associated sub questions of a) how do the consumers perceive McDonald’s CSR initiatives, and b) how these perceptions influence Regarding the case study of McDonalds in this thesis.

Published: Tue, 25 Apr This chapter begins by giving general background of the company. It continues by outlining the aims and purpose of study along with approach and methodology used to understand global business and the strategies used in concerned organization.

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