Case study oil pollution in malaysia

World Energy Outlook Global shifts in the energy system Four large-scale shifts in the global energy system set the scene for the World Energy Outlook These shifts come at a time when traditional distinctions between energy producers and consumers are being blurred and a new group of major developing countries, led by India, moves towards centre stage. A global economy growing at an average rate of 3. Southeast Asia is another rising heavyweight in global energy, with demand growing at twice the pace of China.

Case study oil pollution in malaysia

From a mere hectares planted inthe hectarage increased to 54 hectares in Since then many more areas have been opened up for oil palm cultivation, either from virgin jungles, or from the conversion of plantations that originally supported rubber or other crops. Bythe hectarage under oil palm stood at a staggering 2.

Inthe hectarage reached 5 million hectares, and the change in area in was only three percent as compared to This rapid growth in oil palm planting has been seen in five-year period — ; —and even in —due to the crop diversification programme.

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It also saw a corresponding growth in the milling and refining sectors. A rapid increase in both downstream and upstream activities would normally have resulted in significant environmental pollution. This however was not the case with oil palm.

In the early years of oil palm development, certain practices such as open burning and pollution of water ways by oil palm mill had an impact on the environment. Nonetheless the industry has moved ahead and has greatly improved its environmental friendliness.

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Laws and regulations have been enacted to this effect, in order to prohibit and control such activities. As an industry, oil palm takes pride in its initiatives to improve its environmental friendliness. Sustainable development is taken to mean equal effort being devoted to economic growth and social welfare, as well as to environmental outcomes.

This requires the palm oil industry to tackle the challenges in meeting the growing worldwide demand for palm oil as food, while at the same time has to demonstrate the sustainability of its products and operations.

Sustainability has more than just environment to deal with. Its ambit of influence can also reach out to businesses, treat their employees and relate to the communities in which they operate.

Palm oil, is the largest, in terms of total production and is the number one player in the oils and fats trade. Oil palm, without question, hectare for hectare, is the most efficient in terms of having the highest yield per hectare.

Moreover, being a perennial, the supply of palm oil is reliable, as the crop is not easily affected by the vagaries of the weather and other calamities.The article you have been looking for has expired and is not longer available on our system.

This is due to newswire licensing terms. This paper estimates fossil fuel subsidies and the economic and environmental benefits from reforming them, focusing mostly on a broad notion of subsidies arising when consumer prices are below supply costs plus environmental costs and general consumption taxes.

governance of oil palm development n Malaysia. 2. Social and environmental impacts of oil palm plantations in Malaysia The production of palm oil has long been associated with reports of tropical deforestation, biodiversity loss, water pollution, and violation of customary land rights (Anon.

, ; Koh and Wilcove ; Then ). The one process ongoing that will take millions of years to correct is the loss of genetic and species diversity by the destruction of natural habitats.

Mar 28,  · Two massive sinkholes in Texas foretell a much larger story about the alarming rates of ground movement caused by oil and gas development in West Texas.

Case study oil pollution in malaysia

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