Dangers of pride essays

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Dangers of pride essays

It was also confusing, because the world was full of religions, philosophies, psychologies, and cultures with diametrically opposing viewpoints on the issues of pride and humility, often within those same religions, philosophies, psychologies, and cultures themselves. For many years I wandered through a maze of conflicting ideas, trying to figure out how to be humble without losing my self respect, and how to be proud without losing my sense of humility.

Mostly, like a lot of people I've met, I bounced back and forth between arrogance and self-debasement, with all the variations in between, before I finally discovered what it was really all about.

In ancient Greece one of the worst sins you could commit was that of hubris, an excessive form of pride that's also known as arrogance.

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The most serious form of it was when you thought you were the equal of, or better than, the gods. There are many stories in Greek mythology about mortals whose hubris caused the gods to slap them down.

This translated socially into the very real danger of being slapped down hard by those who represented the gods, such as priests, kings, and government officials if you dared to think that you were their equal or, especially, better than them.

Eventually, this idea became an ingrained part of Western culture in general and was transferred not only to the gods or God of newer religions, but to the class systems that developed, such as nobles and commoners, or the rich and the poor. Then it was hubris to think yourself the equal to or better than your "betters," meaning anyone perceived by your society as having a higher social or financial standing than you.

As if that were not bad enough, the problem was worsened by the word, hubris, going out of fashion and being replaced by the word, pride, whose dictionary definitions are very contradictory.

Dangers of pride essays

Finally, we are at a point today where it's good to be proud and it's bad to be proud, and it's good to be humble and it's bad to be humble. Is there a way out of this conundrum? There is if we are willing to think a little differently.

First, we have to distinguish between true pride and false pride, and then we have to distinguish between true humility and false humility. True pride has to do with acknowledging and respecting who you are and what you can do, without any outside confirmation or approval. False pride has to do with claiming that you are more than you believe you are, and that you know more than you believe you know.

This kind of pride almost always requires outside confirmation or approval to cover up an inner feeling of inadequacy. Mind you, I am not saying that there is anything wrong with outside confirmation or approval.

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It's only a measure of false pride when you cannot feel any self respect without it. Another aspect of false pride is arrogance. This is when you pretend that you are better than others in ways that cannot be measured by skill. It is one thing to be better at a particular skill than anyone else, and it is quite another thing to require others to acknowledge that or to pretend that somehow your level of skill makes you a higher type of human being.Losing a football game, and especially a rivalry game which a community has worked hard in preparing for, hurts a school’s pride.

So much effort is put into hyping the football team that sometimes football players are overwhelmed with pressure. To Build a Fire: Man’s Pride To Build a Fire by Jack London is a story of man who believed that he is larger than nature itself, that he could conquer anything—even seventy-five degrees below zero.

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