Essay evidence exploratory rethinking

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Essay evidence exploratory rethinking

Essay evidence exploratory rethinking

It is like a ladder. Once you master each step, the next step is easy as long as you put in the effort. Math you learn in high school is like a ladder. You get introduced to algebra, which leads to geometry then more advanced multivariate algebra and sometimes calculus. However in college, if you pursue computer science, you take logic and maybe statistics.

If you pursue engineering, you take vector calculus, linear algebra, complex analysis, differential equations, etc.

Essay evidence exploratory rethinking

In fact, this is where I took offense to the fact you believe that the more effort you put in, the more reward you get out. IMHO, this is definitely not the case for more advanced mathematics.

There comes a point where you need to be intelligent, you need to be cognitive to understand the concepts and what is going on. And there also comes a point where an engineer cannot understand all of the mathematics they get exposed to, since the breadth of mathematical knowledge is not just the simplistic foundation.

Krishna January 25, at 4: Obviously, there is a line somewhere where more effort stops paying off and then you need other qualities. This is as true of math as it is true of other subjects or even sports. But when many people say they find it hard to understand math, they are not talking about the advanced stuff.

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They are talking about basic algebra and trigonometry, and that astounds me. Daryl Lucas January 25, at 4: What are we supposed to do with this information? What do you see as the implications?

I would like to see you take this further. As is, it strikes me as much like saying, "The ocean is bluer than the sky. Krishna January 25, at 7: One take-away is to work better at understanding the problem that has to be solved.

Good programmers know how to solve problems easily.

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That is what they do all day.Source: Silver Institute. The Silver Institute tells us there were million ozs. of Ag mined from the earth’s crust in Simple math [ / ] tells us that “nature” is implying that the gold / silver ratio should be 1.

Preface; 1. Introduction: The story of a project; 2. Taking facts seriously; 3. The rationalist tradition of evidence scholarship; 4. Some scepticism about some scepticisms; 5. Identification and misidentification in legal processes: redefining the problem; 6.

What is the law of evidence?; 7. Rethinking evidence; 8. Legal reasoning and argumentation; 9.

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