Essay questions on native son

Unemployed, Bigger hangs out with his pals; they occasionally commit petty crimes to get spending money and prove their manhood. Bigger expresses his pent-up feelings mainly through violence. Bigger gets a chance for a better life when the Daltons, a family of rich white liberals, hire him as a chauffeur. Disaster strikes on his first night on the job.

Essay questions on native son

The crowded, rat-infested apartment Bigger shares with his brother, sister, and mother is, in a sense, a prison cell. Bigger is imprisoned in the urban ghetto by racist rental policies. Likewise, his own consciousness is a prison, as a sense of failure, inadequacy, and unrelenting fear pervades his entire life.

Society permits him access only to menial jobs, poor housing, and little or no opportunity for education—on the whole, he has no choice but a substandard life. With these practices in mind, why is Mr. Dalton—an avowed philanthropist toward blacks—a hypocrite? These limitations created an artificial housing shortage, allowing landlords to increase rents on the South Side despite the deplorable conditions of many of their buildings.

Dalton has earned much of his fortune from such racist rental policies, which he considers customary and does not even think to consider unethical.

In this manner, Mr. Dalton contributes significantly toward the social disparities that terrify, oppress, and enrage blacks such as Bigger. Given his actions, Mr.

Dalton expresses his so-called benevolence by giving Bigger a menial job, but, as Max says, Dalton does so only in an attempt to erase the guilt he feels for his role in oppressing blacks in the first place.

In what ways does their more subtle racism resemble the more overt prejudice of other whites? To Jan and Mary, breaking social taboos is a thrill.

They derive an odd satisfaction from eating in a black restaurant with Bigger. Mary and Jan are, in effect, merely entertaining themselves by slumming in the ghetto with Bigger. Like the Daltons, then, they are blind to the social reality of blackness. Moreover, Mary uses the same language that racists such as Peggy use to describe black Americans.

The manhunt, which is conducted entirely by whites, literally corrals Bigger in an shrinking cross-section of Chicago. Like the waves of white men searching for him, the snow falls relentlessly around Bigger, locking him in place.

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In killing a white woman, Bigger does what the white American majority has always feared he might do. The whites are convinced that he raped Mary first—a violation of the ultimate social taboo that separates black men from white women.

In an effort to keep Bigger from doing what they have feared, the empowered majority of whites have narrowed the boundaries of his existence and kept him in constant fear.

In response to his crime, the white-dominated press and authorities incite mob hatred against him. They portray Bigger as bestial, inhuman rapist and killer of white women. This viciously racist portrayal of Bigger—and the white mob fury it engenders—gives the whites a justification to terrorize all of the South Side in an attempt to frighten the entire black community.

In this chain of events, Wright depicts the irrational logic of racism, effectively a vicious cycle that reproduces itself over and over again. What role does the media play in determining popular conceptions of justice? Nonetheless, the public still feels the need to go through the motions of justice.Native Son Homework Help Questions.

Explain Bessie's murder and Mary's murder in the following areas: brutality, motive, and Brutality- Bessie's murder was incredibly violent.

In “Notes of a Native Son,” an essay that he wrote more than a decade after his father died, Baldwin recalls and reflects on his troubled interaction with his father, a man whom he has hated all his life. His vivid narration of his father and his personal encounters around the time his father died reveals the evolution of his view on the.

Suggested Essay Topics. rutadeltambor.combe the psychological and behavioral change that overcomes Bigger during the interview with Mr. Dalton. Why does he change in the presence of Mr. Dalton? Native Son literature essays are academic essays for citation. These papers were written primarily by students and provide critical analysis of Native Son.

Essay questions on native son

Baldwin's Writing Style in Notes of a Native Son Essay. Baldwin’s graceful persuasion. Throughout this essay, I will be using Baldwin’s “Notes of a Native Son” for examples.

The crowded, rat-infested apartment Bigger shares with his brother, sister, and mother is, in a sense, a prison cell. Bigger is imprisoned in the urban ghetto by racist rental policies.

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