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Stephan Kloess - KloessRealEstate 5. Disciplined investment approach Active asset management Disposition: Investor's perspective - investing alongside a specialist Executing an investment strategy The benefits of such a strategy Diversification and returns Where does it fit in a portfolio? Main characteristics of specialist property funds An UK residential fund example The UK residential market and the private rented sector G:

Master thesis vertrieb genehmigt

Business Services: Konzepte, Technologien ...

Ein Call Center wickelt Kommunikationsprozesse zwischen Menschen sowie Konzepte, Technologien, Anwendungen 9. Internationale Tagung Wirtschaftsinformatik Wien, Pro anonymisierten Beitrag wurden mindestens drei Gutachten eingeholt, insgesamt wurden mehr als 1.

Ulrich Frank, Heinrich C. The SOA Consortium is making great strides in de ning SOA to be a valuable business strategy for business agility; meanwhile the BPM Roundtable Forum approaches Business Process Management from the standpoint of improving and optimizing business processes for both bottom lines.

Die IS-Strategie ist somit von zentraler Bedeutung. However, research offers them little advice with respect to determining the strategic position of their IT departments as a basis for strategic planning. Based on a review of concepts from general management, this paper proposes a framework for strategic positioning in IT management.

The authors analyzed the general management literature. The results suggest that strategic positioning is both a necessary and valuable task for IT managers. This strategic positioning should be based on a frame of reference that structures and integrates elements of benchmarking, competitive, and contextual analysis.

This forces IT departments to focus on servicing business units and to adopt market-oriented structures of sourcing and delivery [50]. A central challenge in this new environment is the alignment between IT and business [28].

While IT benchmarking can help [48], it seems insufficient to resolve the issue of positioning because it normally does not capture the strategic context of a company. Since strategic positioning is not new, we transfer concepts from general management into IT management ITM.

This research effort will lead to understanding the process and benefits of positioning IT departments strategically within corporations and beyond. We have chosen this approach to allow both science and practice to reuse the model-inherent knowledge of such a framework [18, 40].

After deducing a set of typical elements that are used for strategic positioning in general management, we test this set by means of case study research in three SPITM cases. The results are used for the construction of our final framework. The paper concludes by discussing future research opportunities and its limitations.

Foundations In their effort to position themselves strategically, IT departments are confronted with the same competitive forces that drive businesses in general. In general management, methods of formal planning for the purpose of strategic positioning SP are well established [e.

Based on a review of literature, this chapter will briefly highlight these elements and show how they constitute SPITM. Frame of Reference Hopfenbeck describes the entire approach of strategic management as a frame of reference itself [22].

In this capacity, it is described as supporting executives in the identification of challenges as well as in the formulation of appropriate responses. Based on this, the approach to structure general management has already been established in the literature [9, 39].

Earl [16] separates ITM into information technology, information systems, and information management, while others look at ITM as a departmental strategy [8] or differentiate between offerings and resources needed for their production [31].

A comprehensive approach is done by Riempp et al. They extend the above arguments by highlighting the importance of an FoR to make ITM both measurable and comparable.

Benchmarking To assess the strategic position of an IT department, data needs to be gathered about its structure and its environment.

master thesis vertrieb genehmigt

Market forces influencing an enterprise [35] and their influence on strategy formulation [14] need to be considered. While these competitive forces drive businesses, they are also a source of information.

In this context, benchmarking [36] is a technique that is in use for almost 70 years. A vast body of knowledge has evolved around benchmarking [12, 6, 1, 44]. Today, benchmarking is also used in ITM [21] and has established itself in this domain [2].

So far, it has mainly focused on products and services — mainly based on cost and other quantitative measures — and has only shifted towards processes in recent years. Benchmarking for strategy has not yet been fully embraced within IT [11].United States: Charlotte (Nc) Nagaoka, Japan; Cachoeiro De Itapemirim, Brazil; Bissau, Guinea-Bissau; Czestochowa, Poland.

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Specify Degrees according to the personnel. Master thesis unternehmenskommunikation, Alicia Mittelbach Bachelor Thesis ) Die Bedeutung von elektronischen sozialen Netzwerken in der internen Unternehmenskommunikation State-of-the-Art-Analyse (Carina Maisel Bachelor Thesis ) A framework to analyze brand-building behavior of employees on social media (Daniel Bergmann Master.

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master thesis vertrieb genehmigt

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