Monroe s motivated sequence on bullying

Get Attention-- Through the use of attention getting devices, you will aim to do two basic things: This is accomplished via four steps: It is vital that you be consistent; i.

Monroe s motivated sequence on bullying

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It seems to occur everywhere and at every age. There was bullying back when I was in school in the form of name calling and teasing. It stopped when we left school or got off the bus. This is not the case anymore. It follows you everywhere on social media, cell phones and even in the form of videos.

There is no escaping a bully nowadays, and it is hard to stand up to a bully.

Persuasive speech outline - Monroe's motivated sequence At the time, you rarely heard such criticism outside of wingnutty lesbianism-causes-witchcraft circles.
Popular Quotation Pages This Assignment 4 will help you prepare for your last speech, the persuasive Speech of Policy Speaking Assignment 5.
Trending Quote Topics and Famous Poeple Goal In the above examples, you must have noticed that all these kind of speech has a goal. A sales pitch is to get you to buy something, politicians give speech to get you to vote for them and environmentalists, feminists and animal activists have a cause to advocate.
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Kids as young as eleven are committing suicide to stop the bullying. Bullying and the damage and pain it causes is becoming and major issue and it needs to change. When you call someone fat it does not make you skinny.

When does the bullying and violence stop? When do we say we have had enough? You would think that those are simple solutions and easy questions to answer; but sad to say there are no easy answers or solutions. We need to teach are children it is not okay to treat people like this. It is not okay to be a bully or stand by and watch someone be bullied.

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People are afraid to help and stand up to bullies for the fear of them getting bullied back. So they sit back and watch, too scared to say anything. The bully is not the victim, the one they are bullying is the victim. We need to advise a plan to teach at a very young age how to be a friend and stand up for yourself and others.

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Until we stand up and say no more and stop this it will continue! Kids are starting to bully other kids as young as kindergarten and first grade. How can this be? In kindergarten you should only be worried about what time is nap time, not do I have the right clothes, look okay, or will I be bullied today.

This is an epidemic that needs to get under control.Monroe’s Motivated Sequence (MMS) is an organizational pattern used to develop a sense of want or need in the audience, satisfy that want or need, and to help the audience get enthused about the advantages of that solution.

Monroe's Motivated Sequence Sample Outline Persuasive Speech Outline Note: This speech outline was prepared by a high school student and posted anonymously on the internet.

It is used here to illustrate salient features of the speech preparation process. Notice, for example, that the Specific Purpose. A persuasive speech is a speech written and delivered to convince people of the speaker’s viewpoint.

Monroe s motivated sequence on bullying

It uses words to make the audience ‘see’ the speaker’s point . The best place to begin is by understanding Monroe’s Motivated Sequence, a tried and tested persuasive speech sequence that helps overcome the panic associated with a persuasive speech.

Monroe s motivated sequence on bullying

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