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Mountain top paper

Sunday, April 28, Top 10 Tips for Building Fluent Readers We have all heard about the shift that happens, usually between second and third grade, when students should go from learning to read to Mountain top paper to learn.

Unfortunately, for some students, their ability to read to learn is stifled by their inability to Mountain top paper fluently. Even for those kids who can read at an average pace, the faster and more accurately they can read and decode, the more effectively they can comprehend.

Mountain top paper

When I taught third grade, and now as an interventionist, the importance of fluency is empathized more than ever and has definitely met some critics. I know that fluency is NOT the end-all, be-all, but a lot of research proves that it is important, and a lot of schools are trending toward fluency being a high priority.

I have compiled a list of some of the resources and strategies I have used when teaching in the regular education classroom and as an interventionist. I hope they can help you in some way.

Some of the ideas are FREE, and a few of them are links to specific paid resources that I have tested in my classroom. Yes, to some this may be inherent.

Do you have a student read the daily math problems out loud, or do you do it? Do you have a student read the directions for an assignment out loud, or do you do it?

If you have been the one reading everything, STOP! For kids in grades 2 and up, they should be able to read all of the directions, all of the math problems, everything.

I know this sounds silly, but consider all the reading you do to your students in a day while explaining something—or all the reading that they may do in their head when you could have a student reading it out loud.

Worth it to me! Some teachers mention that the students need to hear examples of fluent reading, and yes, yes, yes I agree!

That is what read aloud time is for. I now have a FREE download that includes the above anchor chart! They have them for a variety of different fluency math and reading skills, but the one I love for reading fluency is Super Speed 1, The kids practice the 1, most common sight words in a lightning fast game that takes three minutes a day once the students understand how to play.

I will warn you—this can get loud, and loud is uncomfortable for me! As she walked around and saw the enthusiasm of these kids reading their sight words, she praised the program and then shared the link with the staff at the next weekly meeting.

I have used Super Speed for second through fifth graders, in every setting you can imagine. I highly recommend it! Every week, one of our fluency centers is Audacity. The students practice a passage out of their current novel three times.

Then, they record themselves reading it out loud on Audacity.

Mountain top paper

They listen back, while reading the page in their head. Then, they take notes on what they noticed about their reading How was their prosody? Did the dialogue sound authentic? They record it again and listen back. The process continues until they are ready to submit it to me.

This year, I have them save it to a public folder that I can access, but in years past, they have posted it to a classroom wiki to keep track of their growth—and parents can log in and listen to their reading from the wiki, too. Poetry Stations Poetry is one of my favorite fluency practices, and the students always feel the same way!

Each students has a copy of the anthology and the goal is to read through the book—five times. We focus on one or two poems each week, where I model great fluency, then we do some choral reading as a class, then they work on them during their literacy stations.

As they read the poems in any order they want tothey mark down the date that they read it. They can read the same poem five times in one day, or they can read five different poems on one day. Again, a favorite when I put them into a reading fluency station, and really not a bad price.Thank you very kindly, my friends.

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I always feel like I hear about the great activities too late--it's either a day or two before school starts or I hear about them AFTER school starts. Mountain top removal offers long term jobs which also helps the economy.

A fact, most people don’t know is that for every miner employed through MTR three new jobs are created. A fact, most people don’t know is that for every miner employed through MTR three new jobs are created. T.R. Simmons Elementary School held a Thanksgiving play Thursday. First grade students told the story of Thanksgiving through song and dance, and some played music — all while dressed as Pilgrims and Native Americans.

On the eve of Sunday’s Veterans’ Day Memorial Program at Arrowhead Ridge, a celebration and heartfelt recognition of the mountain communities’ own military veterans, as well as a self defense/.

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