Raw by scott monk and hero of war by rise against extended response essay

The war which had desolated Scotland was now at an end. Ambition seemed satiated; and the vanquished, after passing under the yoke of their enemy, concluded they might wear their chains in peace. Such were the hopes of those Scottish noblemen who, early in the spring ofsigned the bond of submission to a ruthless conqueror; purchasing life at the price of all that makes life estimable —Liberty and Honour.

Raw by scott monk and hero of war by rise against extended response essay

Historicism, however, came under attack for assuming a monological, stable, and knowable historical context. Critics argued the impossibility of throwing off one's intellectual heritage in order to address a text on its own historical terms.

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Increasingly, the notion of a scientifically demonstrable, objective approach to historical context and authorial motivation was to be rejected, and movements such as the New Criticism, which focused entirely on the text, would find favour.

Consequently, the question of the author- along with that of the extratextual referent history, society, the world - was sidelined or bracketed as the preliminary step toward evolving a formal, internal and rhetorical approach to the text.

On an ideological level, there was a split between, on the one hand, the New Criticism's promotion of the intentional fallacy, by which the author's intentions were entirely disregarded, and on the other hand, works such as Against Theory by Steven Knapp and Walter Benn Michaels, which conflated meaning and intention, so that the text could be assumed to mean precisely what the author intended it to mean.

In her essay, "Against Interpretation," she protested: Alternative opposition to the New Criticism was also voiced by those concerned about the practical implications it might have for critical analysis. Various critics, such as Jerome McGann, worried that pure textual deconstruction, unrestrained by reference to external "truths," would result in a valueless literary criticism in which all interpretation was deemed equally valid and all markers of worth were abandoned.

Raw by scott monk and hero of war by rise against extended response essay

McGann, writing inargued: Lyotard's admittedly admirable desire to avoid the terrors of forced agreements can, ironically, lead to a terror of a different sort, in which a language game which denies that the Nazi holocaust ever took place is allowed its own territory within which to exist without fear of invasion from those who feel a moral commitment to seek, if not to supply, a reality that is more than just a "nostalgia of the whole.

McGann is one of the advocators of this shift, and argues: Intellectual movements such as feminism and Marxism, whose analysis is reliant on a historicist perspective, were able to work successfully within the New Historicism to revitalise sociohistorical criticism.

The position from which this thesis begins is largely historicist: However, the analysis is also significantly anti-authorial, as it frequently works against Atwood's much publicised disavowal of feminist intention. This disregard is justified by a general rejection of the belief that the text's meaning is formulated at the moment of its production and remains unchanging thereafter.

On the contrary, it is assumed that each reader experiences a dynamic interaction with the text, making associations and uncovering connections, and that the writer is equally a dynamic reader of texts. What results is a view of literature as a product of its time, but also as a shifting product of the time in which it is being read.

The text is no longer a stable construct of situated influences, but stands in relation to both its predecessors and its successors. Writers, Readers, and Communication In establishing an understanding of how the text functions in relation to its historical context and its author, it is also necessary to consider how the text relates to the reader.

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Hawthorn suggests that literature can enter into the conflicts of ideologies, and "can display such conflicts for those readers willing to approach literary texts as records of complex and changing engagements with historical realities - and as the means whereby more challenging and creative engagements can be negotiated.

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