Single wernigerode

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Single wernigerode

History[ edit ] The counts of Single wernigerode had established themselves as relatively independent, aristocratic rulers in the Eastphalian lands north of the Harz range, rivalling with the comital House of Regenstein.

Single wernigerode

The male line finally died out in Establishment[ edit ] Wernigerode Castle, rebuilt in the 19th century In the early 12th century, one Count Adalbert from Haimar near Hanoverfirst mentioned in and named comes Adelbertus de villa Heymbere inappears on just one occasion as Adelbertus comes de Wernigerode, when he is listed as one of the witnesses to a document issued by Bishop Reinhard of Halberstadt on 18 October This first appearance of a Wernigerode count is also the first record of the clearing settlement of Wernigerode, whose beginnings, however, date roughly to a century earlier.

Wernigerode Castle is first mentioned in as a castrum and served as the permanent residence of the subsequent Counts of Wernigerode. The counts of Wernigerode remained in possession of important property in the region between HildesheimBurgdorf and the Steinwedel Forest until the Single wernigerode of the 14th century.

The extent of those estates has led to conjecture that the comital estate at the foot of the Harz in Wernigerode was even greater and more valuable still, encouraging the counts to abandon their old seat in Haimar and settle here.

Nevertheless, estimates of the size and wealth of the comital estate are always hampered by the difficulty of being able to compare it with any suitable benchmark or population figures. Consequently, it is also probable, that the centres of power of Wernigerode and Haimar existed alongside one another.

The family seat of Wernigerode was located in the middle of Imperial domains Reichsgut[1] and according to the preface of the Sachsenspiegel the counts of Wernigerode descended from Swabia.

The counts had hoped that they would receive greater protection of the castle and town of Wernigerode against the overpowering pressure from their Brunswick neighbours, however, their expectations were not fulfilled in the long run. When they acquired further territories from the Counts of Regenstein inthey held these fiefs as vassals of the Halberstadt bishops and the Wernigerode counts as well as their Stolberg successors were issued with separate deeds of enfeoffment for their estates until the transfer of the Halberstadt territories to the Brandenburg electors by the Peace of Westphalia.

House of Stolberg[ edit ] See also: Stolberg-Wernigerode Count Henry of Wernigerode was the last male representative of the dynasty.

The inheritance was secured on 30 June As one of the heirs chosen by the last Wernigerode count, Henry of Stolberg, died young, Count Henry of Wernigerode in had the people of the county swear fealty to Count Bodo of Stolberg as the future owner of the lordship of Wernigerode.

Single wernigerode

As Count Bodo had the fortune to become the sole Stolberg heir at that same time, it became necessary, however, for him to establish his permanent seat of power at Stolberg Castle.

This was a setback for the further development of Wernigerode because, after the death of Count Henry of Wernigerode inno count resided permanently in the town. The demise of Wernigerode was reinforced by the fact that Count Bodo started into pledge the castle and its associated lordship.

It was a very lucrative fief that included the spiritual fiefdom of the Monastery of St. The lordship of Wernigerode was thus much more significant than that of the stem county of Stolberg which did not have a single monastery within its borders.

Wernigerode Altstadt - marks.County of Wernigerode. lordship of Wernigerode was thus much more significant than that of the stem county of Stolberg which did not have a single monastery within its borders.

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The actual county reduced in size during the 16th century to the comital district (gräfliche Amt). More about HKK Hotel Wernigerode An overview This stylish, welcoming hotel is located only metres from the historical city of Wernigerode’s Old Town, metres from the train station, and surrounded by the beautiful Harz mountains/10(2).

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Wernigerode is first recorded in when it was the seat of the medieval County of Wernigerode, a status it held until It was during that time, in , that it was granted town rights. Wernigerode's heyday came during the 14th and 15th centuries as it grew wealthy through trading in .

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Wernigerode: Gateway to the Brocken