Skurduro pro swot

By now, the SWOT analysis template by which a business can map out its near future plans while evaluating external risks against internal factors has gained itself a legendary reputation. It sketches the first steps a company or project should take prior to knocking at the door of fresh initiatives, new policies, radical changes, and renewed efforts.

Skurduro pro swot

The technology of skateboard decks evolved into decks with diagonally slanted ends and concave borders. This allowed a skateboarder to bring a skateboard off the ground, with a scooping, sliding motion of the feet.

This process, called the Lie, is the first trick all street skateboarders must learn before they progress. This eventually led to the creation of flip tricks, variation tricks, and grinds tricks.

When the Lie became the primary stepping stone for progression, it opened the door for skateboarders to be able to skate any obstacle from stair sets, handrails, ledges, or anything arch texture might offer. Skateboarding naturally evolved into street skating, which involves utilizing any outdoor Skurduro pro swot.

The slang term skateboarders use to describe a skate obstacle is a spot. If there is nothing to skate, a skateboarder can use a parking lot to progress their flat ground tricks. Even a pizza box out a dumpster can be used to do tricks over. Absolutely anything can be used by a skateboarder to perfect their craft.

Skateboarding is not limited to ramps or half pipes like most people believe. A bench at a bus stop can be used for grind tricks. What people see as a rail to guide them down a set of stairs is en as a handrail to grind on by a skateboarder.

Skateboarders view everything they see outdoors as a potential skate spot, regardless if people agree with it or not. Skateboarding is past the era of skating just pools and ramps.

Its and skateboarders deserve to have more freedom. The consequences skateboarders face for skating in the streets has gotten out of hand. In a lot of states, skateboarders face unnecessary consequences for skating public property other than a skate park.

In San Francisco California, skateboarders can be ticketed and fined just for riding their skateboards on sidewalks, even for transportation purposes.

According to Section 7. Part AY and AY of section This law basically bans skateboarders from skateboarding on public sidewalks and roads, for any purpose. What most COPS say when telling skaters to leave is that they are vandalizing and destroying property.

How much truth does that statement hold? A skateboarder doing a trick over a stair set will cause nearly o damage to its terrain at all.

If someone jumped down a stair set a bunch of times with their feet, no one would complain. Yet doing it with a skateboard is equivalent to that when it comes to causing damage. This wax lets the skateboard slide across the concrete, effectively avoiding chipping and cracking… Again, an argument may be made that this is defacing the property.

Skateboarders also face unnecessary police brutality for skating in the trees. Police agencies across the country have exercised their power beyond necessary to prevent skateboarders from using public space.

One You Tube video that has gained over 6 million views, shows a 14 year old skateboarder getting humiliated and bullied around by a Police Officer in Baltimore, MD. According to an August article from The Baltimore Sun, Officer Salvatore Riviera was suspended and later fired for his actions towards 14 year old Eric Bush, who was skateboarding with his friends on July 1 Riviera approached the group of skateboarders and singled Bush out.

Riviera also threatened to smack Bush if he kept talking the way he did, even when nothing harmful was said by him. Incidents like these occur all the time for skateboarders. Police treat skateboarding as if it is something criminal when in fact there are bigger issues to worry about such as gangs, drug users, or people driving cars under the influence of alcohol.

There are legitimate reasons why society should not be mad at skateboarders for utilizing public property. There are many college students that skateboard on a daily basis. College campuses have courts and fields for just about every major sport except skateboarding.

There is a basketball court at about every college but barely any skate parks. If there is a heavily waxed ledge on campus that has been skated before, why is it wrong to go skate that ledge.

Is it really vandalism to do tricks on that ledge that is already waxed up? People can still use a hand rail to guide them down a stair set after a skateboarder has done a trick on it. Professional skateboarders make video parts from spots they skate in the street, not at a park.Transcript of GoPro SWOT Analysis.

T-he Go pro mission is to help people capture their unique experiences and be able to share their most meaningful moments with others from a first person perspective.-Go pro is a personal high definition video recorder and camera that serves people like you even in the most extreme scenarios Strengths.

Skurduro Pro Swot.

Skurduro pro swot

Topics: Shopping mall, Operational Objectives: SWOT Analysis of Skadurz Pro| INTERNAL Strengths St. Marseille recognized the underserved market for modern skateboarders. Used Connies retail business license to start a test business.

Connie has experience in running a business. STRENGTH •It is located in a friendly and secure area •It will meet the aspirations of the young people of Kenya and the estimated city skaters.

Skurduro Pro Swot Essay. SWOT Analysis Organization: Skadurz Pro Operational Objectives: SWOT Analysis of Skadurz Pro| INTERNAL Strengths St - Skurduro Pro Swot Essay introduction|| INTERNAL Strengths St. Marseille recognized the underserved market for modern skateboarders.

Used Connies retail business license to start a test business. Feb 04,  · Org Theory SWOT Analysis – GoPro. Posted on February 4, by klpetovello. Strengths – Having a “niche” product in their industry. GoPro has developed a camera capturing system that can go along with the most extreme daredevils and catch never before seen footage.

This footage can then be uploaded with ease from . - Horse Racing Nation - Online Racing - The original large scale horse racing simulation game and management game.

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