The ccpm dilemma

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The ccpm dilemma

The current huge push to Big Data, Industry 4. In other words, reduce the threat of uncertainty and bring back the hope for truly optimal organizational performance.

The late Eli Goldratt dedicated two of his books to the impact of software.

The ccpm dilemma

Back in he wrote The Haystack Syndrome — showing the potential damage of overwhelming us with ocean of data. According to Goldratt the core damage of software is being unable to see the forest for the trees.

One might add managing communications as a third element. Simplicity, a basic TOC insight, implies that the logic behind the calculations is clear and agreed-upon by the users. Simplicity versus Sophistication is a key dilemma for software.

Simplicity brings value through better decisions and more effective actions. TOC challenges the assumption that the only way to improve an organization is through optimum performance The ccpm dilemma all resources.

Software has another important benefit, though indirect, to offer: Software forces the users to certain processes that follow key policies! This capability of software is the source for many specific dilemmas around the pros and cons of every policy.

The policy and its ramifications would determine whether the software, forcing that policy, is a blessing or a curse.

Software companies usually resolve the dilemma by letting the user have a wide choice of policies along their key parameters. Goldratt, on the other hand, strived to minimize the common big mistakes people do. In his juicy verbalization: The TOC philosophy is to stick to good-enough effective policies that deal well with uncertainty.

This is the source of all the TOC policies and detailed solutions. However, the TOC solutions do not cover all the possible situations and there are cases where a temporary deviation is necessary.

This means a certain choice has to be given to the user, either by allowing the basic policies to consider certain deviations, or by letting the user bypass the software directives. Such an action has to be infrequent and the user has to take the full responsibility for all the ramifications.

Just to illustrate the last point here is an example. Suppose a certain SKU has a target level of 1, units and right now there are only units in the system. Would you issue a replenishment order for one unit?

Goldratt himself outlined a more elaborate rule to release orders based on the planned-load, sometimes releasing the order earlier in order to keep the weakest-link constantly loaded, which deviates from the rule of chocking the release.

Generally speaking we have to judge any software based on two very different criteria: The net added value the software generates in comparison to what already exists. The six questions on assessing the value of new technology is a powerful tool for that. The potential damage the software generates!

There are three different ways for the software to cause damage: The way the software works. Bugs that mislead the user or causing a crash.Critical Chain Project Management Critical Chain Project Management Lawrence P Leach Artech 75 75 Defining the project management system 76 Project failure as the undesired effect 76 Toward a core dilemma 78 Longer and longer project duration 78 Projects frequently overrun schedule 81 Multitasking 85 CCPM reports every week for 3 months (13 weeks) had built a bond between the Client and the Contractor.

When the Contractor said, "This is what we did this week, and this is what we will accomplish next week", the Client learned that it came true as predicted.

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Apr 02,  · Beginners dilemma nah, the HBK II with upgrades is the same cost as a Belt CP but smaller, and the parts cost the same too (most are the same), but the HBK II has alot more issues that need to be worked out to make it a really good heli.

Case study: The CCPM Dilemma – chapter 8 – page and as in attached pictures. Get Answer. Recently Asked Questions Hi, I am looking for assistance on the following stochastic processes problem - Markov chains the attached problems for Stochastic processes (Markov chains). Please do the calculation step by step And show a the work.

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Any resemblance to real people is purely coincidental.

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