The found diary of george mcclellan

In the century and a half since he led the Union army, his personality and actions have inspired both contempt and adoration—though mostly the former. Biographies include hagiographies, ad hominem attacks, and everything in between. And certainly their criticisms are well founded:

The found diary of george mcclellan

McClellan, Louisiana State University, Selected Correspondence,Ticknor and Fields, Abraham Lincoln and George B. McClellan made a good first impression. His uniform is faultless and his stars are brilliant, especially the middle one on each strap. His face is full of intelligence, of will-power, of self-assertion, and he, too, is in some respects a born leader of men.

He has been admirably educated for such duties as are now upon hm, and he has studied the science and art of war among European camps and forts and armies and battle-fields. He has vast stores of technical knowledge never to be acquired by any man among the backwoods, or on the prairies, or in law courts, or in political conventions.

Oregon Pioneers of

He can hardly conceal the clearness of his conviction that he ought not be trammeled by any authority in human form that is by him supposed to be destitute of the essential training which he himself so fully possesses.

Lincoln had crossed in the late s in Illinois. McClellan had resigned from Army in and became general superintendent of Illinois Central Railroad, for which Mr. Lincoln was an attorney. Indeed, McClellan would later remember his association with Lincoln in Illinois with some measure of fondness.

He was never at a loss, and I could never quite make up my mind how many of them he really heard before and how many he invented on the spur of the moment. Lincoln and Captain McClellan were supposed to have met: Lincoln attended to the litigation of the company. He appeared in one case which the company did not want to try at that term, and Mr.

Lincoln remarked to the court: Lincoln and McClellan had never met up to that time, and the most they knew of each other was that one was the attorney and the other was the engineer of the Illinois Central Railroad.

McClellan disregarded Abraham Lincoln. McClellan could never shake the notion that he knew much better what was needed by the nation politically and militarily than did Mr. He not only regarded the president as his intellectual and social inferior, but also passed on that attitude to those around him — or even fostered it."Do not let any one claim to be a true American if they ever attempt to remove religion from politics." George Washington (The source for this quote has yet to be found, but as you will see, it is perfectly consistent with the one

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The found diary of george mcclellan

Early life and career. George Brinton McClellan was born in Philadelphia, the son of a prominent surgeon, Dr. George McClellan, the founder of Jefferson Medical College. His father's family was of Scottish heritage. His mother was Elizabeth Sophia Steinmetz Brinton McClellan (–), daughter of a leading Pennsylvania family, a woman .

Emigrants to Oregon in c ompiled by Stephenie Flora copyright Note: members of the second, third and fourth groupsare noted with the group number preceding their names.

The found diary of george mcclellan
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