University of phoenix global marketing 421

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University of phoenix global marketing 421

Individual Assignment (Signature): The Entrepreneurial Marketing Manager

Five-Step Marketing Research Approach Presentation Purpose of Assignment The purpose of this assignment is to place students in the active role of a marketing manager with a problem threatening the organization's survival.

Students will respond to a specific scenario that requires them to address the concepts both critically and creatively to solve the scenario's dilemma. You are the marketing manager for a local nonprofit charity whose funding is based on membership fees.


You've noticed a severe drop in new memberships and a decline in repeat memberships, which is threatening your organization's ability to survive and grow. You have decided to implement the Five-Step Marketing Research Process to help understand the problem and create solution strategies to implement.

Share examples of each type that would be useful in solving the scenario.

University of phoenix global marketing 421

Compare and contrast the Five-Step Process with two alternative methods for conducting marketing research. What are the pros and cons of each? Define what it means to differentiate a service and provide an example to illustrate how the local nonprofit charity in the scenario can use the strategy to help increase target market interest.

Explain how differentiation will help position the organization. Review the grading guide for additional suggestions. What are examples of the pros and cons of primary and secondary data in the marketing research process? What is positioning and the two methods for accomplishing the strategy?

Why is environmental scanning an important element of the marketing plan and what are its five forces?Resources: Week 1 textbook reading, Week 1 video, American Marketing Association Website, and University Career Center: Crafting Your Image.

Scenario: You have just graduated from the University of Phoenix with your Bachelor's Degree.

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MKT Week 4 Team Strategy and Positioning Analysis Part 2 (2 Papers)

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University of phoenix global marketing 421

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