Workforce of the future

Nevertheless, I sat down at my keyboard and whipped up a list of 10 skills that I think the workforce of the future will need to have. Take a few minutes to peruse some older covers of magazines on a blog like Paleofuture and you may find yourself chuckling at the image of planes landing on top of skyscrapers and airships shuttling thousands of people lazily from one city to the next one.

Workforce of the future

There is a common perception that employees are holding back that desire for change, either with a fear of artificial intelligence or concerns that they lack the required skills to master the digital landscape. The question for leaders, then, is how to capitalize on that positivity in order to compete, innovate and grow.

European employees are not only aware of the improvements offered by digital, but are actively seeking the skills to master it There is a recognition among the majority of business leaders that digital is desirable, bringing with it cost efficiencies, innovation and more productive, agile and quality work.

Leaders also understand where many of these boons are likely to come from — citing technologies such as 3D interfaces, cognitive assistants, robots and the internet of things.

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But recognising a goal is not the same as reaching it, and only one in five leaders identify theirs as a digital business. With that innovation-oriented mind-set in place, business leaders should look to build the necessary skills and talent required to see it through.

That means building a workforce that is comfortable with sophisticated technology, as well as looking to fill new roles that arise from a move towards digital — digital copywriters or digital product managers, for instance.

Currently, just over half of leaders have a strategy for managing and developing skills, and the rest must catch up. Although almost all leaders identify digital transition as either important or critical, few are acting on that insight and only a third feel ready for the change.

Businesses are unprepared both at a structural and a personal level: Taking data from more thanchange journeys, Accenture has identified strong leadership — creating a culture of feedback and innovation across the business — as imperative in driving transformation.

Digital is desirable, bringing with it cost efficiencies, innovation and more productive, agile and quality work Making change a company-wide process involves tapping into employee positivity.

Workforce of the Future

Contrary to conventional wisdom, European employees are not only aware of the improvements offered by digital, but are actively seeking the skills to master it. Employees see digital as a force for good, with around 70 per cent identifying the benefits of improved innovation, agility and productivity.

Far from their image as resistors of change, the major concern of employees is that their leaders are not ready for the digital future. With business leaders attuned to the benefits of digital, and employees embracing them with even more vigour, there is an opportunity for businesses to reinvent their strategies and truly capitalize on digital.

Workforce of the future

To do so, they should focus on five key areas:Creating the world’s most advanced view on the future of work. Together our network unites and empowers the world’s thought leaders and big thinkers looking to challenge existing concepts and ideologies about the workforce of the future.

Jan 09,  · The Role of Education In Advancing a Diversity and Inclusion Breakthrough: Linking Education to the Workforce of the Future. Linking Education to the Workforce of the Future.

Health Workforce for the Future is a program funded by a federal grant under the Department of Health & Human Services’ Health Professions Opportunity Grant (HPOG). HPOG is a study funded by the federal government to determine how training opportunities like . Future workforce: Reworking the revolution.

In the age of artificial intelligence (AI), business success will increasingly depend on people and machines collaborating with each other. May 09,  · The future health of your organization may depend on how well your D&I initiatives speak to the largest segment of tomorrow's workforce.

Brookstone, long known for offering unique products like kinetic sand, percussion massagers and watch winders, is upending its business model. As it does, it needs a workforce management system that can keep up. To be sure, the Merrimack, N.H.-based retailer remains committed to offering innovative product lines across its retail .

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