Write about our helpers chart

Stock chart Chart Elements Charts show data and additional elements like legends, axes, series, and so on. The following picture shows many of the chart elements that you can customize when you use the Chart helper. This article shows you how to set some not all of these elements. Creating a Chart from Data The data you display in a chart can be from an array, from the results returned from a database, or from data that's in an XML file.

Write about our helpers chart

Students will be able to compare and contrast different types of homes. Students will be able to illustrate their own homes. Students will be able to write sentences that describes their own homes.

write about our helpers chart

Introduction Distribute "home words" to six students in the classroom. Tell the students that they will be guessing the names of several types of homes. Display Homes for Humans, beginning with the first home. Ask the students to guess the word that describes the home. Ask the students if anyone thinks that they have that word.

Either write the corresponding words on the interactive whiteboard, or tape the word to the paper copy. Tell the students that they will be learning more about the homes that people live in. Conduct a think-aloud, showing students how you can find the different characteristics of a house.

write about our helpers chart

Underline the word house. List key words that could be used to describe a house on the chart paper under the word house. Add on to the piece of chart paper, including the type of home and words that could be used to describe it underneath its name. Next, lead the students in comparing and contrasting the homes.

How are they similar? How are they different? Encourage students to make objective statements about the structure of the home. An RV rolls with wheels, but a house boat floats on the water.

Independent working time Distribute the My Home worksheet and one sentence strip to each student. Tell the students to draw pictures of their homes. After they have drawn their homes, tell them to use the word banks on the chart paper to write a sentence about their homes on a sentence strip.

Challenge students to create a virtual home with parts of the home that could benefit the homeowner. Ask students to create an invention for this home. Provide individual word banks for students who struggle with selecting words from the class word bank. Provide sentence starters or sentence frames for students who struggle with generating a sentence.

For students who need support drawing, provide basic shape templates that the students can use to trace. Technology integration Instruct your students to create their home electronically instead of on paper.

Scan students' work and compile to create a map of their community. Assessment 5 minutes As your students are working, ask them about the pictures they drew and the sentences they wrote. Record observations and anecdotal notes on an assessment chart. Review and closing 5 minutes In closing, invite all students back to the word bank and refer back to the home pictures presented in the beginning of the lesson.

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Ask students to use words from the chart to tell about the different characteristics of homes. If desired, have the students take a gallery walk and look at the artwork that their classmates completed.Digital Impact LLC produces large format, high-resolution, semi-permanent corrugated/mixed material POP & POS displays, product packaging and specialized permanent displays for companies of all backgrounds.

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